Philips created the AirFloss product line in response to the growing demand for a portable water flosser. The benefits of water flossing have been known for awhile now, but who wants to lug around a machine on their next trip to Disney World?

There are now multiple hand-held water flossers competing with each other. We’ve analyzed each one and are about to share with you the top 3 products we’ve found. These are not only ranked with portability in mind, but things like quality and efficiency that are also very important.

We realize that you’re here to find out more about the Philips Airfloss line, however there are higher quality items out there when it comes to handheld water flossers. We will start out with 2 higher quality items, that come with slightly higher price tags and conclude with the Airfloss model itself, as it is still a good option. Please enjoy the top 3 water flosser reviews that made our list.

1. Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser, WP-560


  • First Water Flosser awarded American Dental Association (ADA) Seal
  • 3 pressure settings
  • 45 seconds of water capacity
  • 4 flossing tips (2 Classic, 1 Plaque Seeker, 1 Orthodontic)
  • Rechargeable battery features
  • a rapid magnetic charging system
  • Convenient LED battery indicator
  • Includes a microfiber travel bag
  • Global voltage compatible – 100 240VAC, 60/50Hz


  • Higher priced than other handhelds, but highest quality

2. Mospro Water Flosser, IPX7


  • Easy-to-clean, removable water reservoir
  • Externally waterproof, for use in shower etc
  • Excellent battery life, 7-10 days use on a single charge
  • Rotatable nozzle, allowing you to reach difficult areas
  • 3 spray modes including normal, gental and pulse
  • 4 color-coded tips
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Not a known brand-name
  • Could have issues with long-term warranty etc.

3. Philips Sonicare AirFloss Electric Flosser, HX8211/03


  • From the makers of the #1 dental professional recommended electric toothbrush brand
  • Removes up to 5x more plaque between teeth than manual tooth brushing alone
  • Battery life is up to 3 weeks when fully charged. Charge time 24 hours to full charge
  • Operating time is replace nozzle every 6 months
  • Helps improve gum health in as little as 2 weeks
  • Fill with water or mouthwash, point, and clean for an easy 30 second cleaning routine
  • Safe and gentle on teeth and gums, and safe to use with implants, veneers, and orthodontics


  • Biggest complaint from Amazon reviews is leaking long-term.
  • Would not recommend for heavier wear & tear, such as travel.

Given the sheer volume of reports indicating how beneficial flossing is, it’s no wonder airfloss is gaining in popularity. Airfloss is sleek, easy to transport, easy to use, and serve the same purpose as flossing. With an airfloss you don’t spend as much time in front of the mirror. This is one of the primary reasons people aren’t flossing in the first place, it’s tedious and time consuming.

If you’re looking for a simple way to improve overall oral health and hygiene, the airfloss might be the perfect addition to your daily brushing routine.

Benefits of Airfloss

There are obvious benefits to flossing, which are afforded to airfloss users as well. Improved oral hygiene, cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and an improved smile. People don’t floss for a reason, however, So, what makes this powerful tool superior to traditional dental floss?

Pressure and Tiny Droplets of Water

Research suggests that an airfloss is more powerful than flossing, and can remove up to 5 times as much tartar and plaque from between teeth, in comparison to brushing your teeth alone. High, short bursts of pressurized air, and small drops of water, combine to dislodge food that’s built up between your teeth, and gently remove it.

Airfloss’s Auto Feature

Virtually any airfloss you invest in will have an automatic feature, that allows you to set a timer between 30 seconds to 60 seconds. So, it eliminates the guesswork for you. It takes less time than flossing your teeth does, utilizes higher pressure to clean between your teeth, and helps improve the appearance and cleanliness of your smile. Simply utilize the tool similarly to your toothbrush, in between your teeth, as it will work through pockets and remove debris that piles up throughout the day.


Obviously, depending on the brand and model you purchase, features from one airfloss to another are going to differ. However, most products today will have

  • Auto feature, allowing you to set a timer for flossing
  • A light or blinking indicator (or shake) to indicate when to move to another section/quadrant of your mouth
  • Different pressure settings
  • LED light indicating the battery is charged/low
  • One-button setting change (auto, double, triple burst setting)
  • Speed and water settings
  • Quick charge features

Again, each airfloss and manufacturer will incorporate different features, however, most offer an extensive list of features which makes flossing error proof for users.

Cleaning and Oral Health With Airfloss

The primary reason to floss is to improve the appearance of your teeth and improve overall oral health. An airfloss is also going to deliver on these primary components. It will help improve gum health, oral health, reduce the appearance of plaque and tartar, reduce yellowing of the teeth, help minimize swelling of the gum line. Furthermore, if your gums are bleeding extensively for the first few uses, this is typically due to food being stuck and lack of flossing in general. Over time, and with continued use of your airfloss, you’ll tend to notice the bleeding reduces, and the appearance of your gums isn’t as puffy or red. They’ll appear a lighter pink, indicating healthy gums.

Ease of Use

An airfloss is extremely easy to use. You’ll simply fill the reservoir tank with water. You can also add a small amount of mouth rinse if you choose, to deliver a minty fresh, cleansing feeling while flossing your teeth with the dental tool. The reservoir tank varies in size for each product, therefore, the frequency at which you’ll have to refill it will vary. Typically it’ll hold for up to two uses, so if you floss twice a day, you’ll only have to refill it once.

You’ll then turn on the airfloss with the button or switch (depending on the model/product you invest in). Most options will have a single button press, which allows you to push down the start button, and it will automatically stop at the 30 second or 60 second mark, whichever you chose. Simply move it in between your teeth to remove food and debris that has become lodged during the day. If your airfloss has a buzz/LED light that indicates to move to a different area of your mouth, do so when that goes off.

There’s really nothing complicated and no guesswork as it relates to using the floss. Daily use, and using each time you brush, will obviously help improve overall oral health.

The Drawbacks of Airfloss

IT’s also important to consider the drawbacks of using a product like an airfloss, instead of traditional flossing. Although there aren’t many, there are some cons to mention.

It Doesn’t Get Between Teeth

You’re still not flossing. If there is crowding, or if your teeth have minimal space in between them, the airfloss isn’t as effective as flossing. Only flossing will truly get in between your teeth. The airfloss will help, immensely. However, it might not get every single piece of debris or items which are deeper into the pockets and gums in between the teeth.

Airfloss Pressure

The pressure of these dental tools isn’t as high as that of a waterpik. However, you have to be careful not to place it directly onto the gums as this can cause discomfort and bleeding. If there is a pressure setting on your airfloss, start at a lower setting, and work your way up when you’re more comfortable with using it.

You Still have to Brush

This isn’t really a con regarding the airfloss, more an indication that you can’t replace brushing. And, you can’t replace the benefits of traditional dental floss either. The dental tool is beneficial, and far better than not flossing at all. However, there are limitations, and you still have to brush your teeth at least twice a day, for the best overall dental health.

Is it Worth the Investment?

Yes, without a doubt. An airfloss is highly beneficial in improving overall dental and gum health. It will improve the appearance of your teeth and gum line. It will make your mouth feel cleaner, and reduce plaque and tartar buildup. If you’re still uncertain if this is the best choice for you, be sure to checkout the other cordless Waterpik water flosser options. Even given the minimal drawbacks noted, it’s worth the investment, and when properly utilized, an airfloss is an exceptional dental tool to utilize at home on a daily basis.