Best Teeth Whitening Strips – Choosing The Best

Best Teeth Whitening Strips – Choosing The Best

If you are craving that white shine to your teeth, you may start looking online for the best teeth whitening strips. There is a good chance that is how you landed here. We aren’t going to give you specific product ideas on this page. We want to give you a few ideas about what makes a good whitening strip…plus an extra solution which we feel is a lot better than picking up some strips. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Stick with Named Brands

Yes. There are a lot of teeth whitening strips on the market. It is a huge market. People absolutely crave the idea of having whiter teeth. This means that a lot of companies have tried to enter the market. Some of them are no-name companies, others are giants like Crest. We tend to steer clear of any company outside of the ‘big brands’. Why? Because you can’t ever trust the source of the product. We have seen some teeth whitening strips appear on some of the biggest online marketplaces which appear to be absolutely laden with chemicals that you probably don’t want to be putting in your mouth. In the best case scenario, they won’t do what they claim on the tin. They won’t whiten your teeth at all. Colgate are always a safe bet when it comes to the best teeth whitening strips.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Avoid any teeth whitening strips which do not use hydrogen peroxide. They probably are not going to be all that effective. Generally speaking, the more hydrogen peroxide in the strip, the better the results will be. However, do remember that huge quantities of hydrogen peroxide are not going to be good for your teeth or gums. If you have sensitive teeth, or you regularly suffer from gum disease, you may want to opt for a teeth whitening strip which has lower amounts of hydrogen peroxide in it. You may even want to forgo whitening strips completely and get an electric toothbrush or water flosser instead. Sure. You may end up with whiter teeth using the strips, but do you really want that to come at the expense at a ton of pain? We are guessing no.

Application Time & Commitment Level

If you have a busy life (don’t we all?), you probably won’t want to be picking up teeth whitening strips that need to sit on your teeth for hours each day. You probably want 30-minutes max. In addition to this, you probably won’t want strips that require you to be using them daily for weeks on end. Yes. Teeth whitening strips with a longer commitment will give you whiter teeth, but they are just dreadfully annoying to use. They are pretty expensive too.

Best Teeth Whitening Strips Results

You will also want to consider the results that the teeth whitening strips can deliver. How white will they make your teeth? How long will that whiteness last? Most companies will give you a rough estimate, but do bear in mind that your own personal circumstances will also have an impact.

Best Teeth Whitening Strips Reviews

People on the internet are ruthless. If they tell you that a teeth whitening strip is awful, then it is probably awful. One of the best ways to hunt down what’s best for you is to read through online reviews. Get a feel for how other people have got on with a product. This should give you a pretty decent idea as to whether something is going to be worth your time or not. However, we do encourage you to read reviews fully. Find out where a product went wrong for somebody. Determine whether this is something which will have an impact on you or not.

Teeth Whitening Strips Are Not Always The Answer

Even if you somehow manage to score yourself the best whitening gear known to man, do bear in mind that they are not always going to be the best way to get your teeth nice and white. Using teeth whitening strips regularly will actually have an adverse impact on your teeth. Even the best strips will essentially be ‘burning’ the enamel. For some, it seems better to invest in a quality electric flosser or toothbrush, like the Waterpik toothbrush combo. This dynamic duo will be more than enough to keep your teeth nice and fresh, and will even add a little bit of a sparkle to them. We hope our review of the best teeth whitening strips has proved to be helpful.