Costco Waterpik Savings

If you’ve been looking to score some Costco Waterpik savings, there are better ways to save some money. The Waterpik inventory offered by Costco is more money in most cases. This is because they don’t offer just the water flosser alone. Instead, like many of the big box stores, Costco bundles the Waterpik with other products that you might really want. This often results in having to spend more money, to get what you really want.

Costco Waterpik

So How Do I Score The Best Deal On A Waterpik?

There are a number of places online where you can purchase a Waterpik. The best deals, with the least amount of hassle, have consistently been found on Amazon. Consider our best selling countertop model the Waterpik WP-560. It’s perfect for the typical family, who share the bathroom in the morning.

Meet The Waterpik WP-660

Meet The Waterpik WP-560

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Perhaps you want your own water flosser to use. If you do a bit of traveling, or live in a college dorm, the Waterpik WP-560 is our best selling model that is portable.

So what’s better than a Costco Waterpik? Getting it from Amazon! They offer the best price at the time of this article’s writing. Not only will you save money, but you will receive free shipping as well. Amazon will ship any order over $35 for free, or if you have Prime, you can receive 2-day shipping at no extra cost.

Costco Waterpik Disadvantages

One of the biggest downsides of purchasing a Costco Waterpik is that a membership is required. Costco memberships start at $60 per year and go up from there. If you’re not a regular shopper here, than this would mitigate any savings on the unit. This of course assumes you would be interested in buying a Waterpik bundle instead of just the unit you’re interested in.

One of the other main considerations when considering a Costco Waterpik is the fact that more often than not, the prices include a rebate. I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken the time to fill out a rebate form, but they don’t seem to workout too often. I cannot remember the last time I actually received a rebate I was promised. It could be my fault, not following a direction amongst the fine print. However, I will always prefer an instant discount, that I don’t have to work for and no possibility of forgetting later.

Final Thoughts

No matter what Costco Waterpik model you were after, you will see that you can purchase just the device you really want. There is no need to pay inflated costs to Costco. They have a bad habit of bundling it with other things you probably don’t really need. It’s important to know that there are lots of other options when it comes to keeping your oral health at it’s best. One our favorites include the Waterpik toothbrush combination unit. We hope our insight into the Costco Waterpik has been helpful, and hopefully saves you a few of your hard earned dollars.

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