Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids – Full Review

Let’s face it, getting your kids to brush and floss is virtually impossible. In fact, it can be hard for us too, to follow a regimented oral healthcare routine. The Philips Sonicare HX6321 might be the kids electric toothbrush that will get them to want to brush, rather than doing it because they have to. So, what sets this kids electric toothbrush apart from others? Is it the best model for you to invest in as a parent, when trying to get your kids to care about oral hygiene and health? Let’s find out.

The Features of the Kids Electric Toothbrush

With several options to choose from when buying a kids electric toothbrush, you want one that your kids are actually going to want to use. Seems like a challenge, right? But, with the Philips Sonicare brush, designed specifically with kids in mind, it might not be so daunting to get them to want to brush. Some of the product features that set this brush apart from others include:

  • There’s a fun app kids can connect to, which makes brushing more engaging and fun
  • Built-in bluetooth allows your kids to connect with smart devices and engage in games while brushing
  • There’s a coaching app to teach kids proper brush techniques for better hygiene
  • It includes 1 brush head and 10 fun, interchangeable stickers
  • There’s a built-in kids timer and pacer to make sure they brush for 2 minutes and move to a different quadrant every 30 seconds
  • The app and Bluetooth connectivity keeps track of their brushing habits and progress
  • At 500 strokes per second, the dynamic brushing heads sweep food, plaque, and debris from in between teeth and their gum lines safely
  • There are two, kid-friendly power mode settings for different ages
  • A large and small brush head are included, so your kids can keep using this brush as they get older

The Benefits/ Drawbacks of the Sonicare Toothbrush

When considering a new kids electric toothbrush, you want something with excellent features and design, that ensures your kids are properly caring for and maintaining their teeth. Between this product or the Braun electric toothbrush, we know we need to make it engaging. These are some of the best features, as well as some drawbacks to consider, if you are thinking about purchasing this kids electric toothbrush for your child.

The Good

Some of the features which set this kids electric toothbrush apart from others are:

  • The engaging app and fun games for brushing
  • There’s a small and large brush head, designed for kids at different age levels
  • The brush modes for kids of different ages helps prevent over-brushing or powering the gum line
  • Exciting rewards for successful brushing completion ensures your kids improve their oral hygiene, and actually want to keep going to get more awards
  • It comes with 10 fun stickers, so they can customize their toothbrush
  • The rubberized brush head helps protect your children’s teeth as they are developing
  • Up to 500 strokes per minute is far faster than manual brushing, while not being overpowering, which can help kids learn proper technique as they get older
  • There are easy click-on brush heads which are easy to switch
  • The kid-timer and rubber grip for easy handling, makes this brush ergonomic so kids won’t have a hard time working around tight corners or their back teeth when brushing
  • It is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices, so your kids can interact and enjoy the games and features of this kids electric toothbrush, regardless of which devices they are going to connect on when using the app for interactive brushing and online learning
  • It includes a two-year warranty with purchase

The Bad

It’s also important to know some of the drawbacks before you choose this kids electric toothbrush over another model. Some of the drawbacks include:

  • The 500 strokes per minute aren’t as powerful as other brushes
  • The games/app might not entice all kids
  • The voltage is 110 to 220, meaning the rechargeable toothbrush is only compatible with outlets in the US/North America; it can’t be used outside of these areas
  • There are only two power modes, so this doesn’t account for some oral hygiene/dental care needs for some kids
  • Coaching app and some awards are not going to force kids to brush; it might encourage them, but not all kids will follow through

Parents are still going to have to instill good oral hygiene practices if they want their kids to get the most out of the toothbrush. There are some great coaching games and features. However, it is still important to understand some of the drawbacks with this toothbrush. These are all important things to consider in deciding the best electric toothbrush for your children.

Is this the Best Kids Electric Toothbrush Available?

As a parent, you want to invest in the best kids electric toothbrush for your child. Not only to ensure they are learning proper brushing habits, and are going to carry these through to adulthood, but also to install the right values. If your child is older and wants something more mature, we would definitely recommend the best Sonicare toothbrush. It’s important that they do not have to deal with dental issues, cavities, or other dental work, as they age. .

The Philips Sonicare HX6321 is a great brush for some, but not all kids. It’s best suited for:

  • Younger children learning to brush
  • Kids who require “incentive” to brush
  • Those who like games and progression, as it will motivate them
  • Children who are learning the basics or are just starting to brush

We hope we’ve made it a bit easier deciding what the best toothbrush might be for you or your kids. It’s ideal for younger kids (maybe 10 or younger). It’s also not a great option for kids who have heavy plaque build-up or require greater pressure/power when brushing. If your kids are more mature, the games and apps may be a bit pedestrian as well. So, although it’s a great toothbrush, the kids electric toothbrush is not for all kids/ages. Parents should weigh the good and bad aspects to determine what kids electric toothbrush is right for their child.

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