Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Review

We know that flossing can be a pain in the butt, but we hope after reading our Panasonic EW-DJ10-A review, it will help you pick the perfect water flosser for you. As with water flossing in general, there no simpler way to floss your teeth. The simpler and more convenience it is, of course the more you will do it. Water flossing is usually a pleasant experience and better for those wearing braces and other orthodontic devices.

There are many portable and handheld products available. We will be covering the differentiating characteristics such as portability, speed, water pressure etc. Let’s look at the features, pro, and cons in our Panasonic EW-DJ10-A review. It is our hope that you will leave informed in whether or not this product is the best for you.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Advantages

You can bring it with you conveniently. The device is easily storable, portable and can fit in your bag and luggage. Even during your travels you’ll be able to floss your teeth. This portable dental water flosser is a great option on the go. It will provide you with a better flossing experience than traditional string floss. This is because the device can reach where string floss cannot go. The to the high-power pulsing is also more effective in it’s ability to remove plaque.

Do you want to hear about numbers? Well, the device can operate at 1600 water pulses per minute. The irrigator is able to penetrate deep between your teeth and wash away any bacteria or food particles every day. Do you have sensitive gums and are concerned about using a water flosser? No worries, this product comes with a two-speed pulse which you can choose depending on your preferences. The high-speed pulse can be used for every-day classic cleaning. There is also a lower-speed is advised for children and users with sensitive gums.

The product is waterproof, making it particularly easy to clean and maintain. The water reservoir can hold up to 165ml (5.5 oz) which allows you to floss for longer time between fills. You’ll be able to experience up to 40 seconds of water flossing action! How cool is that? The device is operated by battery and does not require charging. No need to worry about losing cables!

The Not So Good

Our Panasonic EW-DJ10-A review wouldn’t be complete without covering it’s disadvantages. To be honest, there are not many cons on this product. Many consumers have described as a high-quality and “superior” device compared to the available competition. Generally, if you have a need for a cordless or portable water flosser, this is a great choice.

However despite all the good qualities, there are still a couple of points that might be improved about the product.

For some, 40 seconds of flossing might not be enough, so the tank might be a bit bigger. However bigger tanks are really only found in countertop models. This is usually less than ideal for traveling or the college dorm.

The other major drawback is that this takes traditional batteries and cannot be charged, like the Philips Airfloss. If you have rechargable batteries already, this probably doesn’t matter much. If you’re going to be in a remote location where electricity is not readily available, this can actually be a huge advantage. You will be able to enjoy water flossing, as long as you bring some batteries with you. However with that said, some definitely prefer the convenience of having a built-in rechargable battery.


There is a lingering myth out there that when using a water flosser, you can skip brushing your teeth. This is not true! To maintain good oral health you’ll still have to brush your teeth the recommended 2-3 times per day. The water flosser is designed to take food particles and bacteria from the area below the gum line and between the teeth. Brushing should still be an essential part of your routine.

Is The Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Worth The Investment?

So you’ve read our Panasonic EW-DJ10-A review. Is the portable water flosser a good purchase to make? Yes, if you’re looking for thorough cleaning of your mouth and desire to have good oral health. Flossing is an important part of your oral hygiene routine and to optimize the process with a water flosser will be only beneficial to you. By having such a device, chances are that you won’t forget to do it anymore.

The design of the portable water flosser by Panasonic is not only smaller and nicer than other similar products, but it is also innovative as it allows the unit to extend, thus ensuring better portability. Overall, it is a pretty device that can fit well in your bag or luggage. It is one of the best devices on the market for those who travel frequently and don’t want to skip an important part of oral hygiene. Also, for who wants to have the flosser at hand during the day, even outside the comfort of home.

Apart from that, this handheld, portable water flosser provides an excellent service of which many users are more than satisfied. Users that switched to water flossers rarely come back to the traditional string version and users who’ve read this Panasonic EW-DJ10-A review, strongly recommend the product to friends and family.

Cheapest On The Market

The cost of this model is considerably cheaper than it’s main competition in the Waterpik product line. Of course, the investment is a bit more than buying and using string floss, but the convenience and the long term benefits of a water flosser will be evident even within a couple of days.

It is our opinion that the cost of oral hygiene products like these, are well worth the benefits. From simply using it as often as you should, to keeping that mouth so fresh and clean. All in all, we hope this Panasonic EW-DJ10-A review was informative in considering which oral health care products are best suited for you.

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