What You Need to Know About Power Chain Braces

Are you planning to get power chain braces on your teeth? You’ve probably heard about them as a possible treatment option from your orthodontist. Power chains are nothing but connected strings that hold the metal brackets on your braces together. These form a link, which is where the name ‘chain’ comes from, and run throughout your upper and lower set of teeth. They are most commonly made of elastic material, although in a few cases they might be metallic as well. Versatility and efficiency are their key virtues. Lets look at all of their major benefits and identify some of their disadvantages, too.

Benefits of Power Chain Braces

Benefits of Power Chain Braces

There are numerous reasons power chain braces are used as a preferred technique by orthodontists as well as patients. Here are some of the things power chains excel at.

They Close Gaps

Typically, when you visit your orthodontist to set your crooked teeth straight, they begin their work by aligning your teeth with the help of braces. Once the teeth are aligned, the next step usually is to close the spaces. This is where the power chain braces come to the rescue. While aligning ensures that the teeth are set in a straight line, the connected power chains are the ones that do the job of closing any gaps between the teeth. These chains allow teeth to stand upright and straight, all in their respective positions while tightening large spaces in-between. This is a crucial stage of the treatment and thanks to power chain braces, it is a breeze.

They’re Most Commonly Used

Traditionally, ligatures or metallic tie-wires were used along with braces to fix crooked teeth. In recent years, however, these have taken the backseat as power chain braces have grown in popularity. Many orthodontists prefer using power chain braces because these can move teeth around and close spaces between them in a much shorter time. The reason behind this is that power chains apply more pressure on the teeth than metallic ligatures do. Orthodontists might recommend this form of treatment especially if you have one or multiple missing teeth, to begin with.

They Don’t Break Your Budget

Just because they have so many plus points, does not mean that power chain braces would cost you a fortune. Depending on the state of your teeth, your orthodontist will typically make their recommendation at the beginning of the treatment. The cost is included in your treatment and it varies with regards to the severity of your condition. Power chain braces may cost a little bit more compared to the traditional ligatures. The extra cost however is usually justified when you consider the benefits. If you have larger gaps between your teeth, sometimes power chains are the only option.

Power Chain Braces Variety

You might, like a lot of people, hesitate using braces because, during the treatment, your mouth is destined to look hideous with those metallic brackets on. If you must do it though, thinking about the days of bright smiles ahead, why not do it in style? Power chain braces, fortunately, come in many different colors and shapes. While you cannot choose the shape of the chains, as that would depend on your specific treatment plan and the requirements of your teeth, the colors are up for grabs. Choose a color that reflects your personality and boosts your spirit even when you go out into the world with your braces on.

They Benefit All Ages

One of the versatile aspects of power chain braces is that people of all ages could wear them. Orthodontic treatment typically begins in pre-teens when a misalignment of teeth begins to show. However, that does not mean that if you are an adult or an elderly person, these are not for you. Apart from misalignment, there could be other reasons why adults might need braces, such as an injury or an illness. Regardless of age, power chain braces are available to anyone who wishes to correct issues with their teeth positioning and brighten up the world with beautiful smiles.

Disadvantages of Power Chain Braces

While getting power chains for your teeth is a preferred option when putting on braces, no product is ever ‘All Smiles’. There are certain aspects you should be aware of before you select these braces.

Mild Discomfort

Initially, when your orthodontist sets up the braces, you could experience mild discomfort arising from the external pressure that is being applied to your teeth. These pains are never too severe and usually go away within a few days of first getting the braces. During this time, you could expect soreness around the area, which could be relieved through recommendations from your orthodontist. Be sure to avoid any foods that your orthodontist has advised against to deal with the discomfort better. Follow your orthodontist’s guidance word for word and there should not be any concerns with the pain.

Additional Care of Power Chain Braces

Power chains do not necessarily need extra care when compared to traditional ligatures, but there might be scenarios where you could find that a slightly higher amount of food is stuck in the elastic. It is not a major concern as following proper oral hygiene throughout your treatment could eliminate this occurrence. With all kinds of braces, poor oral hygiene could lead to infections and extend your overall duration of treatment. Power chain braces are no exception. Always make sure to use something like the best Sonicare toothbrush and clean your teeth as per the standard guidelines of your orthodontist’s office. A Waterpik toothbrush combination might be even better, to get into those harder to reach areas. If your treatment plan requires extra care, your orthodontist will provide you with relevant instructions.

Loss of Elasticity

Another thing to be aware of when getting power chains is that as they are built of elastic material, they tend to lose their elasticity with time. This is more pronounced because these chains bring your teeth closer together, consequently narrowing the space that they initially used. If this happens, there is no need to worry. At every appointment, your orthodontist will check how the chains are holding up and replace them with fresh chains if necessary. Keep in mind that there is a high chance this might be the case in almost every appointment. Every time you get a new set of power chains, it might result in a few additional days of discomfort as the new chains begin applying fresh pressure. The pain is typically not severe and can be managed in the same way as when you got the chains for the first time.

Smile Away!

Getting your crooked teeth aligned not only lets you flash a dazzling smile, but helps boost your confidence and self-worth. A strong and confident smile often reflects a calm and composed personality. If braces are on your mind, whether for yourself or a loved one, do not hesitate to speak with your orthodontist about power chains. They’re most commonly used in most orthodontic applications. When you choose power chain braces, you are inevitably giving yourself the gift of a wonderful smile.

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