The Electric Flosser & Improved Oral Health

An electric flosser, often referred to as a water flosser is one of the many ways in which people who don’t want or like to floss, can do so effectively and efficiently. A majority of people don’t floss for several reasons. It’s time consuming, it causes their gums to bleed, or it’s difficult to go tooth by tooth and get the debris out. This website was created to help you find the best waterpik or electric flosser, you don’t have to go through this arduous process. It’s important, however, to choose the best product to suit your needs.

The Electric Flosser & Improved Oral Health

Our Top Rated Electric Flosser, The Waterpik Aquarius

Waterpik is the most well-known vendor of electric water flossers in the market. Not only were they the company behind the invention, they offer the best warranty out of any manufacturer, a full three years.

There are many benefits an electric flosser offers to people who don’t floss. The most obvious in your search for the best water flosser is the benefit received as opposed to not flossing at all. It won’t replace flossing, but, it will improve oral hygiene, bad breath, and remove tartar and plaque build up, with continual use. These are some of the primary benefits of using the electric flosser regularly.

Multiple Styles

There are counterop versions, handheld, cordless and corded. There are also travel electric flosser models such as the Airfloss, that you can take with you when going on a trip. This eliminates the excuse that you don’t have space in the bathroom or can’t floss while traveling. There’s a model available for everyone who wants to invest in this device.

Ease of Use With Electric Flossers

The electric flosser is easy to use. Simply turn on the pump and the water will do the work for you. You glide it along the gum line slowly, and it removes tartar, plaque, and food that builds up in between your teeth. Some additional benefits include the fact that

  • It’s great for braces wearers (it gets between the brackets easier than dental floss)
  • It helps reduce gingivitis, improve gum health, and prevent other forms of gum disease
  • It can clean crowns, bridges, and other fillings safely

They’re easy to use. If you have dexterity issues, you can easily change from one hand to another with the cordless electric flosser.

Multiple Features

Every electric flosser differs in this category, however, most offer various features to help improve overall oral health and gum health. Many flossers allow you to add water and mouth rinse to the reservoir, for a clean, refreshing experience. Most flossers have a quadrant setting. This will alert you at the 30-second marker to move onto a different quadrant (similar to electric toothbrushes). You can adjust temperature settings, and you can adjust pressure levels. A majority of electric flosser systems also come with multiple heads and tips. Some come with soft bristle heads as well as a thin pik design, to easily get in between the teeth. Pulsating settings help stimulate the gums and over time, will improve overall gum health.

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation of the gums typically occurs because food and debris get stuck below the gum line. An electric flosser helps dislodge this to help reduce inflammation over time. Obviously, continued and daily use will improve gum health and reduce inflammation around the teeth and gums a little faster.

Deeper Pocket Clean

If you’ve ever gone to a dentist who’s “checked the pockets” between your teeth, this is checking how far your gum line is receded. An electric flosser gets deeper into pockets than traditional flossing. This helps reduce the depth, improve gum line health, and minimize pain and tenderness felt around the area.

Electric Flosser; Proven Benefits

Numerous studies have been conducted around the electric flosser. It works! Dentists recommend it, periodontal specialists recommend using it, and oral surgeons recommend it. Again, nothing will replace flossing, but the electric flosser comes very close, and in some aspects, is superior to traditional string flossing for some patients (including braces wearers, those with implants, or individuals with other health conditions like diabetes).

Some Disadvantages of Using an Electric Flosser

Although the electric flosser is highly beneficial and can (to some extent) replace flossing, you should understand there are some drawbacks. These include

  • Improper use
  • Too much pressure

These issues can lead to deterioration of the gum line, pain, bleeding, and discomfort.

Improper Use

Many people don’t take the time to learn how to use their electric flosser. This isn’t really a product defect, but an issue of impatience with most users. When using the flosser, people tend to

  • Place it directly onto their teeth and the gum line
  • Don’t move it in the proper direction
  • Place the flossing head at an incorrect angle against the gum line

Doing this will lead to bleeding of the gums, and won’t get the food that’s dislodged out. The electric flosser should be held at an angle. It shouldn’t be pressed or applied too roughly onto the teeth. And, it should be used in a smooth, fluid motion, for the best results. Let the water do the work, not your hands!

Too Much Pressure In Electric Flossers

This is another big concern for some people. But, you’re in full control of this when using your electric flosser. When using too much water pressure, this can cause pain or discomfort to the gums. It can also cause bleeding. And, if it isn’t used in the proper direction it can also cause receding of the gum line over time. Therefore, it’s important to talk to your dentist, learn how to use this dental tool, and avoid overuse. Furthermore, read the manufacturer’s label and make sure you’re using proper settings for your teeth and gum health.

As long as you pay attention, while using the electric flosser in the manner intended, these shouldn’t be real concerns. Take the time to learn how to properly use the electric flosser, proper settings and pressure levels, and you’ll instantly see the marked improvement.

If you don’t floss, or don’t floss regularly enough, an electric flosser is the perfect solution to instantly notice an improvement in the appearance of your teeth and gum line. Not convinced this is the perfect tool for you? Perhaps our other Waterpik reviews might be of interest. Your teeth will look cleaner, tartar and plaque won’t buildup as much, and your gums will appear healthier and aren’t as puffy because of the elimination of food and debris. For those who are looking for an alternative to flossing, which will deliver similar results, an electric flosser is a great investment for oral health and improved hygiene.