Waterpik Reviews Guide

You have landed on THE ULTIMATE Waterpik reviews guide. You already know you want to get your hands on a Waterpik. After all, the Waterpik reviews claim them to be the best water flosser products around, right? Well, those reviews aren’t wrong. Your biggest issue isn’t choosing the brand.

Your biggest issue will be choosing the exact model that you want. There are quite a few to choose from. This is why we have put together this list of mini Waterpik reviews. We want to show you the exact best model for each potential ‘use’. We are even going to tell you why it is so great for certain situations. Buckle up, because by the end of this page, you will know exactly what Waterpik you want to buy.

Reviewed Category Shortcuts

Waterpik Reviews, Best for Family: Aquarius WP-660

The Waterpik WP660 is the first product up, that recently replaced the discontinued Waterpik ultra water flosser. This particular unit is absolutely fantastic for families. Before we get into that, we will give you a quick rundown of what you get ‘in the box’. This should give you an idea about why families will love it:

  • The Waterpik WP660 Unit
  • 3 x Classic tips
  • Orthodontic Tip (For braces)
  • Pik Pocket Tip (For periodontal pockets and furcations)
  • Plaque seeker tip (For crowns etc.)
  • Toothbrush tip

Obviously, all of these tips are interchangeable. If you have a family larger than 3, then you will want to pick up a couple of extra classic tips. Ideally, you would have one each. It is a bit more hygienic like that. Many of the other Waterpik units are designed for ‘solo’ use, and have a couple of tips at the most. You can pull the Waterpik WP660 out of the box and have it ready for your family right away.

You have a couple of tips for different ‘tasks’ too. For example; kids who love their sugar would do well with the plaque seeker tip, while the people who wear braces in your family are going to find that the orthodontic tip gives them a pleasurable clean. If you want, you can purchase a ‘selection box’ of different Waterpik tips which will instantly expand your collection.

Compact Design

In addition to this, as the Waterpik WP-660 review showed, this unit is nice and slender. Obviously, you have the massive water tank but you won’t be touching this beyond just filling it up. The actual handheld unit can be gripped tightly, even by the smallest of hands. At the same time It isn’t so small that adults would find it uncomfortable to move around. This, once again, is something which makes it perfect for families and something that you will often find highlighted in Waterpik reviews.

If you have never used a water flosser before, then you should be aware that the stream of water can be quite powerful. Especially for younger children. Some of them claim that it can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, the WP660 deals with this well. Built into the unit are 10 different ‘pressure settings’, which means you should be able to get the right amount of pressure no matter who you are.

To cap it all off; the WP660 is able to hold 90-seconds of water in the large reservoir. Since you are only meant to be using this for a minute at a time, there is more than enough water here for your child to just use the water flosser without too many issues. Just fill it up for them. Smaller units tend to need to be refilled halfway through, which can be quite annoying.

Waterpik Reviews, Best Cordless: WP-560

Next up in our Waterpik reviews is the cordless Waterpik WP560.

The Waterpik WP560 is very much designed for the person ‘on the go’. In fact, what you get in the box has been especially designed for the traveler. This includes a nice little travel bag, and an adapter which will allow you to use the Waterpik WP560 in just about any country in the world. Sure. You can use it in the comfort of your own home, but this Waterpik was born to be on the road. This is the only product in these Waterpik reviews which can be used in other countries. The rest can only be used in the country that you purchased them from.

As detailed in the Waterpik WP-560 review, this model is ultra quiet, which means if you turn this on, nobody is going to hear the vibrations in the next room over…which certainly isn’t going to be good for anybody. Even if you are not traveling, it may actually be good to purchase this if you wake up early in the morning and don’t want to wake up the rest of your family.

Travel In Mind

One of the reasons we have chosen this travel Waterpik as the best cordless in these Waterpik reviews is because of the design. Now, obviously, you can’t expect the water tank to be as large as those counter top units. However, it is still larger than most cordless products on the market. Despite this, the design is incredibly ergonomic. It should fit easily into the hands of most adults without any real issues. We have tried other cordless water flossers before, but they are all far too bulky and cumbersome to use. So, not only is this the best cordless Waterpik, but the best overall.

Waterpik has barely made sacrifices when it comes to the functionality of the cordless water flosser. There are three different pressure settings. Yes. It is lower than the first product to appear in our Waterpik reviews, but still higher than most other cordless products which tend to have just one or two settings.

Rechargable Battery

Not only this, but the batteries in the Waterpik WP560 are some of the best there are. They are lithium-ion batteries, which means they can hold a charge ridiculously well. They will keep functioning until the very second the power is drained too. You will even know when the WP560 needs to be charged. The handy little indicator is ridiculously accurate. It takes just four hours to charge, so put it on the magnetic charger, it should be up and ready to go the next time that you need to use it. As many other Waterpik reviews have highlighted; this is a fantastically fast charge. Competing cordless products on the market can take upwards of 12-hours to charge, which isn’t ideal if you are brushing your teeth at night and expect the flosser to be ready to go by the morning.

Best for Kids: Waterpik WP260

Looking for something for your kid? Well, the next product in our Waterpik reviews may be for you. The Waterpik WP260 has been explicitly designed for children. Sure, adults may be able to use it, but if you are an adult you may want to look elsewhere in these Waterpik reviews for a product for you. This one is built for children ages 6 and up. Particularly those who wear braces.

You get two tips inside the packaging; the standard tip, and the orthodontic tip. This means that if you are planning to use the WP260 for more than one child, then you may want to pick up a couple of spare tips. They are fairly cheap, and since you are reading these Waterpik reviews you are probably planning to expand your collection of them anyway. There are a few other types on the market. Some of them will be good for children. The WP260 can accept any tip that fits any of the other water flossers.

Our desktop unit has been designed for small hands. The actual handle of the WP260 is not that much larger than a toothbrush. While children in general would probably have no difficulty refilling the reservoir on their own, it has been designed to not require that. Waterpik recommend that you clean your teeth using the water flosser for 60-seconds. The water reservoir holds just enough water to last that whole minute. This means that your child will know that as soon as the electric flosser is empty, they are done cleaning their teeth.


The design is simple too. While our Waterpik reviews often point out some of the more intricate features a flosser may include (e.g. different modes), this is not something a child is going to be that fussed about. You want them to be able to turn on the flosser without pressing all manner of different buttons. All the WP260 has is an on switch and the ability to choose one of three different pressure settings. That is it. Simple design. It really does help to encourage your child to clean their teeth.

If you want to make flossing ‘fun’, well…as fun as it could be, then you will be pleased to know that the design of the WP260 is eye-catching for children. There are even a few stickers inside of the box which your child can stick onto the product to spice it up a little bit. The multi-year warranty is nice too, given the amount of abusive your child can put on it.

We hope that these Waterpik reviews were handy. We are positive that no matter what type of Waterpik features you’re after, there is one that suits your needs. Pick up the one that is right for you. You won’t regret it. There really isn’t a better brand on the market right now.