Waterpik Toothbrush

Waterpik Toothbrush

When looking for a new Waterpik toothbrush, there are a couple of varieties. You can choose the combined unit, where the toothbrush and water flosser are integrated into the same mouthpiece or a single unit that attaches to both an individual water flosser and toothbrush. Each poses their unique benefits to their individual designs. However, it’s likely that by using either one of these options, that your oral health will see great improvements. Here we’ll highlight our two, most highly recommended Waterpik toothbrushes and dive into what makes them stand out.

Top Waterpik Toothbrush Models

Waterpik Complete Care 9.0

This Waterpik toothbrush features an independent electric toothbrush as well as a water flosser. Not everyone is interest in just having the best water flosser alone. It’s available in both white and black varieties. For the shopper who wants the power of water flossing, but doesn’t want to spend on the highest priced model, this is a great option to consider. So, how does it stack up?

Design and Features

The Waterpik toothbrush comes with a Sonic electric toothbrush and individual water flosser. It features three cleaning modes and different speed settings for brushing. It includes two brush heads as well as five flossing tips. This allows you to get deeper in between your teeth, and work at the gum line, to ensure fresh, clean breath, and a whiter smile.

Specs Include

  • It includes 5 flosser heads and two brush heads
  • A reservoir can hold water for 90+ seconds
  • There’s a deluxe recharge indicator so you know when the battery’s low
  • You can choose from ten advanced pressure settings
  • It has a swivel handle, making it easy to work around your teeth and the back near the gum line, for a cleaner and fresher finish


Several benefits are obtained by those who use this Waterpik toothbrush to help improve their overall hygiene and dental care. Some of the benefits include

  • It’s twice as effective for those who have implants or other dental work like veneers for flossing, than traditional string floss
  • It cleans five times better at the gum line than traditional flossing
  • There’s a clean mode, whiten mode, and massage mode for stimulating the gum line and improving gum health while brushing
  • An off/on slider on the brush and water flosser makes it easy to control your brushing and flossing
  • It includes a 24 month warranty on the Waterpik toothbrush
  • You can choose from three speed settings while brushing
  • You can use water or mouth rinse in the reservoir tank for water flossing


There are some drawbacks worth noting as well which include

  • It’s voltage is only compatible in North America (you can’t travel with this model or use internationally without a power adapter)
  • There is no LED indicator
  • There’s no indicator to move to another quadrant in your mouth while flossing
  • It doesn’t include a timer/pacer for brushing or flossing

Although this Waterpik toothbrush doesn’t offer as many features as the combined unit, it’s a great option if you want an electric toothbrush and water flossing in one single unit. It’s also more affordable, at under $120. If you don’t think you think a combination unit is really what you’re after, be sure to check out our other Waterpik reviews.

Waterpik Sonic Fusion SF-02 (Combined Unit)

For those who want to do it all at once, this Waterpik toothbrush is for you. It combines the power of an electric toothbrush and water flossing, which you can do simultaneously. This not only allows you to cut back how long it takes to brush and floss each time you do so in the day, it’s also going to help improve your overall oral health, gum health, and hygiene. So, what are the features, that set this apart from other Waterpik toothbrush models?

Design and Features

This all-in-one Waterpik toothbrush is a no hassle solution for oral healthcare. It is backed by the Waterpik name as well as a three year warranty, so you know you’re covered if something goes wrong with the unit. Some of the design features of this Waterpik toothbrush that you’ll love include:

  • It comes with two patented flossing heads
  • There are 10 settings for advanced water pressure options
  • Reservoir that holds water for 60+ seconds
  • Water flow rate of 12 ounces per minute
  • Up to 1300 pulses per minute
  • The Waterpik toothbrush has an LED indicator, charge indicator, and is compatible with universal plugs/voltage


Several great brush and flossing attributes set this Waterpik toothbrush apart from others. Some of the primary benefits are:

  • It brushes and water flosses simultaneously
  • You can use water or mouth wash in the reservoir tank for flossing
  • It gets deep between the teeth and gum line to help improve the appearance and health of your gums in less time than string flossing.
  • Your Waterpik toothbrush includes two patented brush heads
  • Users can set speeds from 10 to 100 PSI of water pressure while flossing
  • Single button push features on the brush allow you to turn it on/off or change speed settings with a single touch on the waterpik toothbrush


It’s important to consider some of the drawbacks which are:

  • The electric pump can fail, but is covered by 3-year warranty
  • It is more expensive than other Waterpik toothbrush models and might not be as quite effective as brushing/flossing independently
  • This Waterpik toothbrush doesn’t contain as many settings/modes as other standalone dental flossers or electric toothbrushes

The primary drawback being its price, this Waterpik toothbrush is a great investment, but might be out of some people’s budget. If you prefer brushing and flossing independently, you might not like the setup of this combined unit either.

What’s Right For You? Combined or Single Unit…

That’s a personal preference. As you can see, both Waterpik toothbrushes have multiple speed settings, a a large water reservoir, and different flossing capabilities. If you’re tight on space, or would like to reduce the time it takes to get the job done, the SF-02 might be the best pick. If you’re more of a price conscious shopper, who wants the benefits of water flossing and an electric brush, the Complete Care 9.0 is a great Waterpik toothbrush as well.