Waterpik WP260 Review For Kids

If you’ve been going crazy trying to get your kids to floss, our Waterpik WP260 review guide is here to help! The Waterpik WP260 is designed specifically for little ones in mind, and it does a great job getting them excited about flossing. With over 20 cool decal stickers to choose from, your child can customize their Waterpik WP260, to make it all their own. Who wouldn’t want to use this flossing tool with that much customization?

But really, it’s hard to get your kids to care about oral hygiene and dental health. As a matter of fact, adults typically don’t floss as often as they should, so why would their kids not follow suit? Let’s see how the Waterpik WP260 stacks up, and why it’s a great option for kids who refuse to floss.

Waterpik WP260 Review: The Benefits

There are countless benefits to flossing, yet we still don’t do it. Plaque removal, clean teeth, fresh breath, and getting rid of that gunk between your teeth, are a few of the many benefits that flossing promotes. If your kids aren’t flossing, the Waterpik WP260 might be just the ticket. Some of the great benefits this waterpik offers include

  • It’s clinically proven to be as effective as string flossing
  • It’s up to 5 times as effective as brushing alone for improved oral hygiene
  • Water flossing helps improve oral and gum line health
  • Removes plaque and bacterial buildup at the gum line where gems tend to live
  • Massages and stimulates the gum line, while improving the appearance of teeth instantly and enhancing their vibrancy

Furthermore, the Waterpik WP260 is approved by the ADA (American Dentistry Association), and removes up to 99.9% of plaque buildup that accumulates throughout the course of the day, and in between dental visits.

Waterpik WP260 Review: Features

So, what are the features that make the Waterpik WP260 excellent for kids? For starters, it comes with over 20 cool stickers/decals they can custom plaster all over the exterior of their waterpik. So, they can differentiate it from others in the household, and make it all their own. Apart from this, the Waterpik WP260 also features:

  • A safe, kid-proof electrical design
  • 2 tips (orthodontic and cleaning tip for daily use)
  • 10 to 80 psi of pressure, which is much less powerful than adult waterpiks (safer for their gum line)
  • Has a large reservoir capacity that will hold water for over 60 seconds
  • It can use water rinse/mouthwash or warm water for cleaning

It also comes with a two year warranty. If anything goes wrong, the motor stops working, or you need replacement tips during the first two years, it’s covered. You can have these parts replaced for no additional cost. This model is also quieter than previous models, and features three distinct setting options. Kids can custom tailor the pressure levels while flossing with the Waterpik WP260.

Waterpik WP260 Review: The Brand Behind It

It’s also backed by one of the most reputable names in the dental/cleaning industry. Waterpik has manufactured dozens of the best water flossers, and dental cleaning tools over the years. Most of which are ADA approved. The Waterpik WP260 also comes with the two-year warranty, so you know it is going to function as intended. Don’t forget Waterpik is an industry leader in oral healthcare products and stand by their warranties.

The WP260 is also recommended by dentists and orthodontists, as an excellent tool to help get in between brackets. It’s particularly beneficial for those who do wear braces and have a hard time flossing with traditional string floss.

Waterpik WP260 Review: Pros Vs. Cons

There are obviously several great features that the Waterpik WP260 delivers on. Here we’ll go over some of the good, and some of the drawbacks that parents should consider. The main focus being on the best Waterpik overall for a child.


Several pros set this Waterpik WP260 apart from the competition. Some of the primary benefits include:

  • It’s specifically designed for children 6 years of age and older
  • It has lower power settings than the adult-version, so it’s safe for their gum line. It won’t cause bleeding due to too much pressure being applied.
  • There is an orthodontic tip for kids who wear braces to easily get around brackets and wiring.
  • It’s extra safe, kid electrical proof, and it’s compatible with 100 to 240 AV voltage. It can be used with any power source around the world.
  • The Waterpik is backed by a 14-day, healthier gum guarantee. You’re sure to see a difference in their oral health and hygiene in a couple of weeks.


It’s important to consider some of the negative aspects of this particular child’s model Waterpik. Some of the drawbacks of the Waterpik WP260 model include:

  • It’s not great for travel
  • Doesn’t come with easy carry accessories to take with you on the go

It’s important to note this water flosser is cheaper (price) than the adult version, and more compact. The water pressure is weaker than the adult version and has fewer power settings, as it’s intended for children. Therefore, it doesn’t deliver as much power and precision as an adult flosser.

With this in mind, it’s still a great option to consider if your kids aren’t flossing at all. The Waterpik WP260 will help them improve bad oral hygiene, and create healthy dental habits as they grow up.

Is This What’s Been Missing all These Years?

You’ve tried to set a great example for your kids over the years. You take them to the dentist regularly and make sure they get routine checkups. Now its easier to monitor their day and nighttime brushing habits. The Waterpik WP260 might be exactly what you have been looking for to get back in the oral hygiene game. Hopefully this Waterpik WP260 review was helpful in finding the best oral care product for your own children.