Waterpik WP560 Review

Welcome to our Waterpik WP560 review where we will dive deep into the model, it’s portability and tease out the details that make it perfect for travel. Often touted as THE travel Waterpik, it’s one of the best and most popular for keeping your mouth healthy when you’re away from home. Some out there are under the impression that these oral irigators do nothing more than rinse your mouth. However, there are numerous studies, over 70 as of this writing, showing all different ways your oral health can benefit, compared to traditional string floss. The Waterpik WP560 comes stacked with features making it more functional than any other portable water flosser on the market. Features that will make it less likely that you will be taking a trip to your emergency dentist in the near future. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

What Our Waterpik WP560 Review Offers

This Waterpik WP560 review heralds this as the best cordless water flosser on the market – period. You probably already know what a water flosser is or you wouldn’t be here. If you don’t, then just think of it as a unit which will put out a high-powered jet of water which will allow you to clean below your gum line and between your teeth completely safely.

A big reason our Waterpik WP560 review selected this unit as number one is the brand behind it. In fact, Waterpik is the only company to obtain a recommendation from the American Dental Association. These guys know about clean teeth, and they stand behind their products with the best warranty and customer service you will find.

In the box you will get:

  • The Waterpik WP560
  • Magnetic charging station
  • 1 Plaque seeker head
  • 2 Normal heads
  • 1 Orthodontic tip
  • Floss tip storage case
  • Travel bag

You will probably be using the normal heads the vast majority of the time, but if you have braces, then clip on the orthodontic head, and the WP560 will give you a proper clean. The plaque seeker does fantastic when it comes to whitening up your teeth. The two normal heads will ensure that this product is perfect for a couple, but families may want to look elsewhere (although, you can purchase the cleaning heads separately)

One of the things we love about the product is that it has a head which rotates 360-degrees. You have no idea how useful this is until you have used another product on the market. A water flosser can be difficult to use at the best of times. The 360-degree head rotation ensures that you are able to get complete coverage in your mouth without having to move at all sorts of weird angles.

Waterpik WP560 Review – Customization

When we were conducting our research to put in this Waterpik WP560 review, we realized a lot of people hate that a water flosser may often offer just one level of pressure. For some people, the fixed pressure level is too high. For others, it is too low. Not the WP560. You have three different pressure settings with electric pressure control. This ensures that you are going to get the perfect clean that you want.

While the Waterpik WP560 can be used in the comfort of your own home, it is very much a product that is built for travelling. It comes complete with it’s own travel bag. It can also be plugged into any main’s supply around the world without any issues with power surges destroying the battery or something like that. This is assuming that you have the relevant plug converter. The standard travel adapters. They aren’t very expensive at all, and if you are travelling overseas you will likely have several of them in tow anyway.


Despite having less power behind it in comparison to the ‘mains powered’ version of the Waterpik, you don’t really feel the power difference. Our Waterpik WP560 review data found that it will still be sending water in your mouth at a rate that is actually going to clean between the teeth and below the gum line. Due to the batteries that the water flosser has in place, this power will continue right until the battery is fully drained. This means that you don’t have to worry about a sub-par clean with failing batteries.

If you do need to charge it, then just snap it onto the magnetic charger. It takes about 4-hours to charge, so it is easy to do overnight or when you are heading off to work. While it is never recommended to constantly charge batteries, the Waterpik WP560 utilizes lithium-ion batteries. So, there probably won’t be any issue clipping it on to the charger if the battery is about half full. It means the battery will never completely drain, so you always get that perfect clean.

Rechargeable Battery

We don’t know if you have used a cordless water flosser before, but if you have, you will know that the vast majority of them are terrible. Yes. They may be a fraction of the price, but the power level is not high. The Waterpik WP560 review team found most of the cheaper units take disposable betteries.

Often, these lower quality models were prone to leaking and , had smaller water reservoirs. The warranty and customer service were not backed by lesser companies. They may give you a bit of a clean, but it likely will not be as good as this unit. If you are leaving anything behind, then you may as well not be using a water flosser at all. The power inside of the Waterpik WP560 will ensure that your gums are as clean as they possibly can be. This really will give you the same level of cleanliness that one of the Waterpik tabletop versions provides.

It may seem obvious, as this tool is intended for use with water, but we found that it can be used in the shower. Why are we mentioning this? Well, we have seen cheaper products on the market which are not waterproof. You can put this product under a high-powered shower and it won’t care. It will probably enjoy the clean.

If that wasn’t enough, while it is unlikely that your Waterpik will fail, you will be pleased to know that you get a 2-year warranty. By all accounts, Waterpik customer support are incredibly responsive too. This means that you are going to get help sooner as opposed to later. Try that with one of the cheaper brands on the market and it simply is not happening.


As I’m sure you realize by now from reading our Waterpik WP560 review, is that this unit is cordless. This model is designed to be portable and easy to travel with. When something is designed to be portable, certain sacrifices need to be made. In this case, it is the size of the water reservoir. The water capacity should provide you with 45-seconds. of continual use. Waterpik recommends that you use their product for at least 1-minute per day. So if this is important to you, it will require a refill or 2 sessions. It is not a huge issue, because hopefully you will be using it near a water source anyway, it is just a touch irritating.

On the other hand, you may see the smaller tank as a bit of an advantage. Obviously, it means that the Waterpik WP560 is a bit lighter weight when you are using it. It also means that it is less of a burden when you are holding it. While we can’t honestly say that the Waterpik WP560 has the most ergonomic design in the world, it is a whole lot better than the heavier options on the market. If there’s something you’re looking for that this model doesn’t quite have, be sure to read our other Waterpik reviews. Many of which will require huge hands to actually be able to handle correctly.

Waterpik WP560 Review – Worth The Investment?

Our Waterpik WP560 review deems this product as the best cordless water flosser on the market for a reason. The only real competition it has in terms of quality and portability is the Airfloss. If you need something that is portable, well-built, then you won’t go wrong with this. It comes complete with the 2-year warranty for added peace of mind. If you’re still undecided, do take a look at our cordless Waterpik water flosser article. This is a fantastic water flosser and it will forever remain our ‘go to’ option for when we need something cordless. I hope you did not find our Waterpik WP560 review to be bias in any way.