About Waterpik

The Waterpik is an oral care superhero, amongst the competitive lineup of today’s dental tools for home use. A Waterpik is quick, efficient, and promotes many of the same oral health benefits as flossing does, minus actually having to floss!


When it comes to kids and adults, both are more likely to follow through with a healthy, maintainable oral healthcare routine, if we can keep it simple and enjoyable. So, what are some of the primary benefits of using a Waterpik for flossing?

Most Popular Waterpik Model, WP-66X Line

The Good

  • Water flow control on handle
  • Custom pressure settings
  • Custom modes, gum massage & cleaning
  • Large water reservoir, up to 90 seconds
  • Includes 7 – 360° rotating flossing tips:
    • 3 Classic tips
    • Orthodontic tip (For braces etc.)
    • Plaque seeker tip (For implants and other dental work)
    • Pik pocket tip for periodontal pockets
    • Toothbrush tip
  • Warranty: Full 3-years

The Bad

  • Only accepts 110v power. May not work with international travel.

Getting To Know The Waterpik Brand

Waterpik is not only the industry leader when it comes to dental water flossers, however they invented them. The company began innovating oral health care products in 1962. The benefits of dental water flossing are now shown in over 70 scientific research studies, which can be found online.

The most popular electric flosser ever produced was the Waterpik ultra water flosser which was discontinued a few years back. As covered in the Waterpik WP-660 review, this specific model replaced the ultra model and is the currently Dental Detective’s current top pick, a number one seller on websites like Amazon.

The warranty offered by Waterpik is another thing that stands out amongst their products that you don’t find too often. In almost all cases you will find a multi-year warranty, with exceptional customer service. Their most popular line countertop Waterpik, the WP-66X line, comes with a full 3-year warranty. This alone is a huge factor in how we rate each of the dental water flossers we come across.

The Benefits: Why You Should Use a Waterpik

Cleaner teeth, a whiter smile, and getting the food that’s stuck between your teeth out, are the primary benefits of flossing. But, we’re still not doing it as frequently as we should, right? The Waterpik offers many of these benefits to improve overall oral health and to help you maintain that healthy smile and gum line.

You’re More Likely Use It!

Honestly, you’re more likely to use a Waterpik than you are to floss. It’s easier than string flossing and the water pulse will have a soothing effect on your gum line. You don’t have to probe around with the string floss or deal with the bleeding gums either. All bonuses to using the waterpik over flossing, that adults and kids can jump on board with.

Maintaining Dental Work and Prevent the Need to Have Work Done in the Future

Cleaning your dental work and maintaining it, is imperative to ensuring it will last. Using a Waterpik will greatly help you in keeping dental fillings, caps, and other dental work clean. Your Waterpik is going to help clean veneers, porcelain caps, gold or white crowns, bridges and it will also help with prevention of cavities in keeping your teeth cleaner and whiter in between your dental visits.

If you haven’t had any of this dental work done, using a Waterpik for flossing will help prevent the need to have complicated, high cost dental work in the future. So, it’s beneficial for preserving work, and preventing the need to have major dental work done in the future, if you’re lucky enough to never have had any of this type of procedures before.

Waterpik – Braces Best Friend

If you wear braces, you know how hard it is to keep everything clean. Getting in between the brackets and having to use additional tools to floss is really going to make an already tedious and lengthy process, take more time. Step in, the Waterpik. It’s quick, efficient, gets under the brackets, in between wires, and makes your life far less complicated. As a result, it makes life much simpler while wearing braces.

There’s no more need to thread the dental floss in between each tooth and bracket any more. The powerful water that’s emitted from your Waterpik, is going to do the work much quicker. For those who wear braces, this means you’ll be far more likely to actually be using the water flosser and enjoy it. Even if this is for the little man or woman in you, there is model specifically designed for kids, covered in our Waterpik WP260 review.

Healthier Gum Line

Because we eat and drink throughout the day cause things like plaque, germs and food to build up inside the gums. As most of us typically do not keep a toothbrush and floss handy, it’s impossible to combat it immediately. They even came out with a Waterpik toothbrush, combining both functions into a single tool you use in your mouth. For those who don’t floss, that plaque and germ buildup, is going to be even greater, causing gingivitis, puffy and red gums, and possibly other forms of gum disease if you’re not careful. If you don’t floss, a Waterpik can help prevent gum disease, and help maintain that healthy, pink gum line in between dental cleanings and visits.

A Waterpik will not only help prevent gingivitis, it will also help improve the overall appearance of your teeth and smile. A healthy gum line looks much better in photos. There’s no bleeding, no pain, and no puffiness when you maintain your gum line’s health. As an added benefit, the Waterpik eliminates the need to rinse (again) after flossing, to get rid of the food that’s left behind by traditional string flossing.

Fresh Breath

We all want fresh and clean breath; flossing is going to deliver that, as will using a Waterpik to get food out. A Waterpik is beneficial in:

  • Dislodging food that gets stuck in between your teeth.
  • Removing food that’s stuck around the gum line.
  • Removing up to 99.9% of plaque and buildup.
  • Killing bacteria and germs.

The end result? Your breath smells fresher, your teeth look better, your smile is whiter and brighter. And, as an added bonus, your dentist and hygienist are going to be impressed at the appearance of your teeth and gum line at your next dental visit!

The Cons: Disadvantages of Using a Waterpik

It’s important to note there are some disadvantages when it comes to using a Waterpik, for instance when compared to using traditional flossing.

  • If too much pressure is used, damage or pain can be caused to the gum line. Most of the systems we recommend have custom pressure settings.
  • Waterpiks are considered an investment, as they cost more than traditional string floss.
  • The flossing tips used will eventually need to be replaced.

Above all, the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to using a Waterpik, especially if you’re not flossing at all.

Ready for Improved Oral Health and a Brighter Smile?

Waterpik does have other options in their lineup if this isn’t for you. The next most popular choice being the cordless Waterpik water flosser. As highlighted, there are numerous benefits of using a Waterpik to improve your oral health and hygiene. If you’re not flossing (or not flossing regularly), be sure to read our Waterpik reviews to find which tool is best for you. They’re simple, requiring virtually no effort on your part to maintain your healthy gum line, white smile, and ensure great oral health.